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Elephant Ambassadors

Asian Elephants

There has never been a more dangerous time for elephants. The disappearing “wild” cannot sustain the mere 35,000 Asian elephants remaining.  Their population is at a critical tipping point.  These pillars of wisdom and strength need our help if they are to survive. We have remarkable elephants at The Preserve. These elephant ambassadors are helping to raise awareness benefiting elephants worldwide.


Kitty is Miss Personality plus. She has been in our family for 33 years. Kitty is known for her luxurious ear hair. A social butterfly, she loves people and attention. She is always first in line for a pet or a watermelon.


Rosie is named for her rose colored cheeks. She has been with us for 29 years. She is a film and commercial star in her own right. Her film credits include Zookeeper, Even Almighty and lots of commercials. She loves to paint and hula-hoop. Rosie has a hard time choosing between carrots and cantaloupe as her favorite snack.


Becky is the youngest of the herd. She came into the family 29 years ago, along with Rosie. She has a delicate build…for an elephant, lots of hair and long eyelashes. The squeaky noises she makes to get attention are adorable. Apples are her favorite snack.