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Friends of The Preserve

Elephants’ native habitat is under constant threat.  Elephants are forced to compete with humans for resources, causing human-elephant conflict where the elephants pay the price. Combined with security threats from poaching, these environmental challenges create a world where the only future for elephants is in managed care.  Elephants’ survival depends on nurturing from us, their guardians, and their ability to touch people’s lives. Elephants in human care play a significant role in saving this endangered species from extinction.

The Friends of The Preserve is a 501 (c) (3) formed by those who wish to preserve and protect the bond between a family of remarkable elephants. These elephants are ambassadors for their species and enjoy interacting with others who care. Sharing the wonder of elephants through our outreach programs allows us to educate about the importance of conservation for this endangered species. The Friends of The Preserve will provide the means for this elephant family to thrive in a healthy, active, productive lifestyle and spend their golden years together in peace and comfort.

Our future learning center needs your support for the following:

  • Educational opportunities and field trip experiences for school children
  • A partner to university veterinary and agricultural programs
  • A venue for the education of elephant managers and veterinary professionals
  • Internships for the advancement of animal care domestically and internationally

To learn more about the Friends of The Preserve, or to make a donation, please visit us by clicking the button below:

Your tax-deductible donation to Friends of The Preserve a non-profit 501 (c) (3) EIN #82-1937930, helps support our beautiful elephants and their care into the future as well as educational programs that benefit school children, the mentally and physically challenged, veterinary students and other groups and organizations.