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Touching Hearts & Minds

Through the Years

We are advocates for elephant care, health and welfare.  We have shared knowledge, donated time and financial resources and assisted with continuing education and health studies. Since 1974 as Have Trunk Will Travel, currently as The Preserve, and with the help of the Friends of The Preserve (a 501 (c) (3) non-profit), we continue to advocate for the advancement of this incredible species through a variety of beneficial programs. Here a some of the many letters we’ve received from our friends and elephant fans over the years:

Elephant Ambassadors

How could they be ambassadors?
They can’t even speak your name
And regardless of your pedigree
They treat you just the same.
They really are ambassadors
Of the most important kind,
For seeing them up close helps keep
All elephants in mind.
As you watch them being cared for
Being bathed and being fed,
The work to keep them all alive
Makes a difference in your head.
The love their keepers give to them
Is love you’d like to share
And see expressed to elephants
From humans everywhere.

Dedicated to the Johnsons and their crew, whose love for their elephant family embraced me as well, answered all the questions I could think of and allowed me to watch their daily life so I could share the story of their loving care with others.

-Diane Hill