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About Us

Our Mission

To preserve all animals by building awareness through contact and education in partnership with our animal ambassadors. Contact cultivates caring, which encourages conservation.

The Preserve is dedicated to expanding elephant education, knowledge, and conservation. These efforts have brought about numerous professional accolades and recognition. We’re committed to doing our part to help save elephants from extinction.

The innovations in care and husbandry of elephants at The Preserve have spread around the world and have benefited a myriad of other elephants in human care and in the wild.

The elephants at The Preserve are ambassadors, educators, cultural icons, and the darlings of their community and their many fans. Together, this elephant family is determined to move ahead with a strong purpose to inspire and connect people with this endangered species.

We are proud to now bring that same high level of care and passion to several new species that call The Preserve home. Our mission stands strong as we continue to inspire and educate with animals from all over the world!

“Elephants are a keystone species. That means if we protect and conserve elephants, we protect and conserve a whole bunch of other species. The International Elephant Foundation works with a lot of other conservation organizations exactly for that reason. Elephants are amazing animals, and they deserve to be protected just because they’re incredible, but we also NEED to protect elephants because they are so important for the health of the planet.” 


Elephants’ native habitats are under constant threat. They are forced to compete with humans for resources, causing human-elephant conflict where the elephants pay the price. Combined with security threats from poaching, these environmental challenges create a world where the only future for elephants is in managed care.

Elephants’ survival depends on nurturing from us, their guardians, and their ability to touch peoples’ lives. Elephants in human care play a significant role in saving this endangered species from extinction. We rely on supporters like you. Now is the time to help secure a future for elephants through engagement and getting to know this remarkable species.

​We strive to bring our visitors an unforgettable experience with the unique opportunity to interact with elephants. Our elephants receive world-class care in order to provide them with an enriching lifestyle, and our visitors with a safe and educational experience.

Animal Expedition 

The Preserve took great care when selecting new species to join our family. Just like our elephant ambassadors that started it all, each animal plays an important role in sharing the story of their species.

Australia is one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Maintaining a diverse ecosystem is wildly important to both plants and animals. The species of our Australian Walkabout help share the story of all the unique animals that call this continent home.

Africa is known for it’s iconic wildlife. Through our Animal Expedition, our African species help guests gain a deeper appreciation for these animals. Getting to know them up close and personal creates memories that will inspire generations to come.